Krugersdorp Golf Club – The Amateurs Opinion

By Brett Rogers (a verbatim account) 

As a “newbie” to golf I use to normally hit the driving range until I joined the SOS team, fell in love with the game and then got my first handicap.

Welcome to Krugersdorp Golf Course.

Tel: (011) 660-1405 Pro Shop

This course one either loves or hates:

  • Lover’s – sweet green grass, soft greens, long walks between the trees and stuff’s.
  • Hater’s – well haters got a hate.

Situated on the west rand in an area known as Rant – en – Dal aka the “Hills and Valleys”.  The championship course requires accurate play and good course management. For the long hitters trees are abundant here so club selection is key. Amateurs slow and steady is the best recommendation for us.

The view from the 7th Hole looking back onto the Magaliesburg mountains reminds me of boarding school days, wondering will I ever get out of my room and sneak off to girls hostel for some fun.


Built – 1900

Club house built – 1912

Par – 72

Holes – 18

Championship course – Yes

Fairway Grass – Kikuyu

Greens Grass – Bent

Length – 6426m

PGTA Golf Academy run by Jan Nel, has been the game changer for me. The lessons provided by Jan are slow and methodical. By the third lesson under my belt, I managed to get 2nd place on the “Bernie Invitational” Kempton Park round of SOS. Thanks Jan for the patience and long chats about course management.

Let’s get to the course.

Most important is the bar facilities. Hidden under a thatched lapa the cold well priced beers helps with the days golf and fines meeting for SOS tour players. Look out 2016 for this best kept secret course to be on the SOS tour.

Club house sits at the top of the course between the 18th, 1st, 16th and 10th tee boxes.

Putting green will give the player a sense of ball roll.

The “secret” to the course is most of the greens run away from the club house and towards water at times.

Krugerdorp Golf Club
The early morning start to the course off the 1st tee overlooking the 16th green hits home every time
Krugersdorp Golf Club
Carts are available and with many to spare booking early is essential. The lapa on the right proving refreshments after the 9th and the 18th

Now not to give away to much but here for the rest of the course but the 5th hole is a nightmare for “Lord FADERS”.

Krugersdorp Golf Club
Don’t let that tree line fool you, get this wrong and a 6 for 1 can be a blessing
Krugersdorp Golf Club
Here is the tree-side view if you hit the fade. Good luck punching it through – play safe always

After your 5th hole night mare the 6th is a par 3 and depending on the tee placement it can be a dream or a club selection nightmare for the newbie.

Krugersdorp Golf Club
Krugersdorp Golf Club

With the dam on the right the safe shot for most is the bunkers on the left hand side of the green. “Go big or go home. Go pinning for winning.” If the pin placement is front right – go middle of the green.

Grab your binoculars, hiking boots to get up to the 7th tee box for the view looking into the mountains. Ps. if you spot a girl with shoes on ask her for her number, gentlemen and keep it tidy.

For some reason I feel like I’m married to the course when I walk of the 9th and 18th along the path covered by trees and two long flower beds. A reminder of many feet before you and many to come.

Krugersdorp Golf Club
There is something special about the Krugersdorp Golf Club


This course is a must for the player wanting to lower their handicap and be challenged with every shot. Early morning starts arekey to get away from the heat and rain. In winter the wind chill factor will get the best of you so pack thermal underwear and thermal hiking gloves to keep hands warm between shot.

Price for what you get I think it’s a good deal.   Don’t forget to ask about membership specials.

Bye for now.


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