Nicholas Rebello

Nicholas Rebello "Ax Man"
Nicholas Rebello “Ax Man”


25 April 1986




Not Affiliated

Tour Handicap:


Home Course:

Not Affiliated

Favourite Course on Tour:

Country Club Of Johannesburg – Rocklands

Favourite Course on TV:

St Andrews (Scotland)

Favourite Course Played Anywhere:

Pecanwood (Hartebeesport Dam)


9.5° Taylormade Burner (Slice Meister)

Nick Rebello pondering the task ahead of him at the Lost City Golf Course
Nick Rebello pondering the task ahead of him at the Lost City Golf Course


Callaway RAZR X HL


Callaway x-14 graphite shafts 3-PW


56° Par Buster

Cleveland CG14 60°


Cleveland Classic 1 – 34”

Favoured Balls:

Free Balls and Pick up Balls

Favourite Club:

Pitching Wedge

Strength in His Game:


Weakness In His Game:

Driving and Long Irons

What he loves about Golf:

“Definitely the relaxation of sports and nature combined, as well as the ever present challenge of bettering your game and competing  and defeating your worst enemy… Yourself!”

Nick Rebello on Benoni's 10th hole
Nick Rebello on Benoni’s 10th hole

What the Tour says about him:

“Firing on all cylinders (especially when Man United are playing) and becoming a serious contender”

“LOVES flowers on golf courses (along with D-Wayne). Distantly related to Trevor, but unlike Trevor, would never sleep with Trevor. Grinder out on the course with a hunger for more knowledge of this great game”

“ Expert matchstick maker when playing golf…”

“The hopeful hacker, but what a laugh. Should change his career to tree feller”

“Nick Rebello’s balls hit more wood than a gay pornstar”

“He is God’s finest creation’s cousin. A good person to be round and a helluva lot of fun. “

“Learning at every course to get better at his game”

“Frodo’s golfing cousin…..”

“All the gear, no idea”

“Keep him away from bottle caps on tour”