Chad Campbell

Chad Campbell.

Chad Campbell "Chewbacca"
Chad Campbell “Chewbacca”

Name                                                                                                           Chad Campbell.

Birthday                                                                                                       14 July 1984.

Nicknames                                                                                                 Chef, Chewbacca, Buttons.

Official Handicap                                                                                      24.

Home Course                                                                                            Benoni Lake Club.

Favourite Course on SOS Golf Tour                                                  Elements Private Golf Reserve.

Favourite Course on TV                                                                        Augusta National (Georgia, USA).

Favourite Course anywhere you’ve played                                   Elements Private Golf Reserve.

Chad Campbell drives on the first at Benoni Lake
Chad drives on the first at Benoni Lake.

Driver                                                                                                           10.5° Wilson Kinetic.

Woods/Hybrids                                                                                        Wilson Kinetic.

Irons                                                                                                             Wilson Kinetic.

Putter                                                                                                           Odyssey.

Favourite Club                                                                                          Driver.

Strength in your game                                                                           Long game.

Weakness in your game                                                                       Depends on the day, but generally my short game.

Twitter Name (if applicable)                                                               @Chefwick831.

Best finish on Tour                                                                                 1st (on the Fines Leaderboard) – 14th (on the golf points Leaderboard).

What he loves about Golf:                                                               Each day on the golf course is different… it can either be your day or completely the opposite. It’s the most frustrating game in the world, but also the most fun, relaxing and challenging game I’ve ever played.

What the Tour has said about Chad Campbell in the past:

“Considering he is a late starter, he’s got game, but he might win the longest year award.”

“Chad “up for anything” Campbell, be it a drinking challenge, or sh*tting on a lawn. Even his own lawn.”

“Only man on tour to squeeze a discount out of the Pro Shop from Trev. Looks like the time spent on the golf course with Bernie is paying off!”

“Great weight transfer during swing, soon to be a very serious contender on tour!”

“Whose got short shorts?? Chad Campbell has short shorts!!!”

“Hooters, really”

Chad “I quit drinking – no I can’t – I quit again – then I can’t – I’m happily married – my wife hates me – I hate me – I need a beer” Campbell is good fun to be around.

Most probably the biggest SOS die hard golfer.

Still can’t believe he has a belly ring.

A deeply troubled individual, I would estimate he has no less than four subscriptions to hardcore BBW porn sites.

Up for anything, anytime, anywhere. Do not make a bet with this guy, You will probably lose, and he WILL collect.

Best mate to drink with. Especially if you want plenty beer!

Proud indirect sponsor of the 2014 SOS tour through his sizable donations to a certain Keg and Beagle. Always up for a beer or two… or three… or four…. Or five….

Great enthusiast for the sport, great company on and off the course and still has the best weight transfer during a swing out of any player on tour! Provided he can get out of his own head, he’ll definitely be a strong contender in tours to come.

I’m sure he eats his cereal with Beer, while playing with his belly ring.

Bandz a make her dance, all these cheeks popping.

Lekker dude, always keen for a drink even when he is laying off the sauce.

Soon to be the player with the smoothest and cleanest noose on tour.