Golf Fines at the Keg

Attempted Bromance, that’s ANOTHER fine! Ryan Bernberg and Damian Murphy

A regular hangout of the SOS Golf Tour is the Keg and Beagle in Linksfield on the Eastern outskirts of Johannesburg. The following gallery is filled with images from a typical fines session at the Keg. Golf fines at the Keg are always fun, inexpensive and involve a lot of laughing. Some of the more popular regular fines include a quarter beer for a 3 putt, the woody tee fine for hitting a tree last, the sandy tee fine for being the last player in your four-ball in the bunker and the wetty tee fine for being the last or only player in your four-ball in the water.

These Golf fines at the Keg and Beagle are not limited to just the golf fines listed on the website, they also include a host of anti-fines for doing something on the golf course that is unbecoming of a golfer and a gentleman.

These images show just some of the fun we have had with our fines at the Keg over the last year and a half.

Richard Gaugeler and Chip Robertson: The 2 hackers who snake their handicaps!
Those are some ice cold Castle Lites!
How did Alan Curbishley make it to our fines meeting?
Shaun Reinecke: Maybe a future Tour member? Certainly drinks like one!
Marcel Du Plessis: 2012 Chairman sharing a drink with Chad Campbell
Tarquin Clark and the Tour’s regular Dick Head!
Cell Phones at a fines meeting – anti-FINE!
The Group of SOS of members
Golf Fines in Session
Round 11 1st and Last – Mike Moolman won this round
Fine because he is Marcel, and no other reason
My handicap is 18, 17, 20… wait?
The Deliverer of SOS Fine material
Celebrating 1st and last for different reasons
Trevor Rebello – The Tour’s “best” putter wearing a hat for being the worst putter – AGAIN!
The Chunky Charlies!
Dwain Margro and Nick Rebello
What happens when you giggle it a lot?
Multiple Tour Round Winners Murphy and Isaacs, with a Dick and a chick!
No Football game is more important than Golf Fines
Has he gone 1 round without a Chunky Charlie?
Pull it down Trev!
The Guys
TQ holding the Ice Cold Brew
How many guys have you made love to?

© All images are the property of the SOS Golf Tour and Courtesy of Tarquin Clark

All pictures taken at a golf fines meeting at the Keg & Beagle in Linksfield