Grant Moolman

Grant Moolman "Grunt"
Grant Moolman “Grunt”


Grant Moolman


31 March 1985



Handicap Index (August 2019)


Home Club

Wherever SOS is playing

Favourite Course played on SOS


Favourite Course played Anywhere


Bucket List Golf Course (yet to play)

Old Course St Andrews


Titleist 910 D2 8.5deg


Titleist 910 3 wood 15deg



Titleist Z-Blend


Titleist BVM 52, 56, 60 deg

Grant Moolman powering it off the tee box at the Lost City Golf Club

Grant Moolman powering it off the tee box at the Lost City Golf ClubPutter

Odyssey White Steel

Preferred Ball

Titleist NXT Tour S or Pro V1x

Favourite Club in the bag

7 Iron

Strength in your game

Finding lost golf balls

Weakness in your game

Everything else

What you love about Golf

Constanta challenge of trying to live up to or repeat your best round or last great shot!

What you love about SOS *

Great mates, great times, great memories!

Grant Moolman in action at Benoni Lake
Grant Moolman in action at Benoni Lake

What SOS says about Grant in 2019:

Finally won a round after 74 tries



Like Mike, but still allowed to make decisions.

The Grant Golf Shot: in motion it looks impressive, but up close it stinks

Evidence that it is easier to do an Iron Man than it is to play golf.

Gman, can waft a wet one with the best of them.

I get sooooo confused is it mike mark grant – they all look the same

Death by golf recon.

Not the best golfer on tour… not the best in his family either.

Only took him 8 years of not trying to win a round

Has a lot of distance but not so much game

GMoney, runs the books tighter than a nun’s fanny!

Is one half of a truly forgettable pair

What the Tour says about him 2014:

“If Hawaii had a golfer, it would be this guy”

“Raping angels since 1985”

“The creativity of Picasso, but with the delivery of the ANC”

“A great competitor and always willing to give helpful advice.”

“The golfing, money king of S.O.S”

“Very useful when looking for balls”

“The nice guy of tour “

“I have proven that Tokyo drifting does not only happen on a racetrack.”

“Is Powered by gas”

“Funny as sh*t. Always lekker to pot with. He has a twin brother and farts a lot.”

“Slightly better looking half of hard-to-look at developmental abomination. If his other version is unable to master his travel issues, also consider Grant a future tour winner. Genuine nice guy for a twin.”