Greensill Leaderboard

The Greensill Leaderboard:

Formerly the DMV Leaderboard, it was quite aptly renamed the Greensill after the record holding player who DMVed the most. DMV stands for draining the main vein – taking a leak on the golf course. It used to be punishable by a half beer fine, now it is rewarded by a quarter beer gift from the tour. After all men are supposed to pee on the course right?

This is the all time Greensill Leaderboard

Gareth Greensill, SOS Golf, SOS Golf Tour
When he is not holding a golf club, Gareth can often be seen draining the main vein.
Player A Greensill
 Gareth Greensill                                                      78
 Chris                                                      19
 Ryan H                                                      11
 Chad                                                        8
 Damian                                                        7
 Denzil                                                        7
 Bernie                                                        6
 Chip                                                        6
 Grant                                                        6
 Andy V                                                        5
 Tarquin                                                        5*
 Andy H                                                        4
 Mills                                                        4
 Rich                                                        4
  Dwain                                                        3
 Neil                                                        3
 Nick                                                        3
 Waza                                                        3
 Mike M                                                        2
 Marcel                                                        2
 Jason                                                        1
 Ian                                                        1
 Wayne                                                        1
 Trevor                                                        1
 Jenny                                                       –
 Richard Lay                                                       –

* represents a player who had to leave a round of golf to visit a toilet for a “number 2”..