Fine Leaderboards

In this section we will have a list of the various fine leaderboards so that you can keep up with who is doing what on the golf course that may warrant a fine or two. We have not listed every fine the tour has, but we have listed the more popular ones that receive the most game time.

A chunky Charlie
The Dreaded Chunky Charlie – beer and amarula – A golf fine

Golf fines are all about keeping the game interesting. For a full list of fines visit our fines page in about us… (G) is a green fine – quarter beer, (Y) is a yellow fine – half beer, (Red) is a full beer, (B) is a black fine – chunky charlie and (FB) is a fubar fine – strumbler…

Here is a fines leaderboard for each of the fines and which are the most popular:

The Fines Total Fines awarded
3 putt (G) 293
Lost Ball 166
4 Rings (Y) 81
Drop Tampon (G) 66
Gunter (G) 63
OB Wangtang (G) 58
Hitler (Y) 55
Lady (Y) 52
DMV (piss) (G) 51
The Chip (G) 50
Wetty (G) 40
Woody (G) 39
Sandy (G) 36
Pink Ball (Red) 36
Box (Red) 34
Beach Party (Y) 25
Missing Fines (B) 23
Back 2 the Future 14
4 putt (Turd) (Y) 11
Seniors (Red) 11
LOR (Most Rings) (Red) 9
Champ (B) 9
Chump (B) 9
Shirts (Deadline)(B) 7
Freshy (Y) 6
Mario (Cart) (Y) 6
Surfs Up (Y) 3
Armstrong (Unwitting Cheat)(Red) 3
Caddy Help (Y) 2
Golf Shirt (B) 1
Lost Prop (FB) 1
Scorecard (Red) 1
The Dup (Serious Cheat) (FB) 0
Total Awarded 1261