Damian Murphy

Damian Murphy:

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Damian Murphy




Jimmy, Fatty, McNuggets

Handicap Index (August 2019)


Home Club


Favourite Course played on SOS


Favourite Course played Anywhere

Fancourt Links

Bucket List Golf Course (yet to play)

Leopard Creek


TaylorMade M4


Tour Edge Exotic 3


Srixon U85 3i 20°


Srixon 585 4i; Srixon 785 5i-PW


Cleveland RTX4 50°, 56° and 60°

Damian Murphy in Action on Benoni Lake's 16th hole


TaylorMade Spider Mini

Preferred Ball

Titleist Pro V1, Tour Soft or AVX

Favourite Club in the bag


Strength in your game

Bunker play

Weakness in your game


What you love about Golf

The constant search for better

What you love about SOS *

Everything and everyone except Marcel and Chip

What SOS Says about Damian 2019

Looks better with glasses

Biltong, beer, boobs, brandy, fun. Things his wife won’t let him have.

The Damo Golf Shot: 6 feet wide of target

Biggest loser SOS: 2015-2019

If I chirp Damian, he’ll probably eat my roast! Ba dum tiss…

Jimmy Eats World – all of it, even the crumbs

Sos Tour’s very own ‘Beef’… Roast Beef.

I don’t think he has a life, never heard him laugh from the belly

SOS number 1 brat

Gavin Watson and Damo do the same thing behind the wheel. Take notes Damo.

You wanna play behind this guy – flattens out any slope on the greens before you get there!



His golf scores are not the only thing that has gone up in 2019

Needs an extra caddie to help lug his massive fivehead around the course

What the Tour said about Damian Murphy in the past

“Representing for the Toon army and crushing the drives!”

“Larger -than-life Irish Saffa mate of ours. Miserable, grumpy and unapologetic: Everything you look for in a career critic and future Chairman of the SOS™ Golf Tour.”

“Only man I know who is already cursing about the shit shot on his downswing!”

“ Jeano’s. The coolest thing since………….. Wait never mind!!!”

“Always enjoy his odd quirk or slander.”

“Skilled Golfer with knowledge on and off the course”

“The tour playa hater…… ET will be proud!”

“Always quick to chirp… which is always needed / awesome among the guys. A good laugh. BUT very f*cking pessimistic!!!!”

“the man’s man, always prepared. He carries his weber around with him 24/7, just in case a braai breaks out”

“Murphy for Chairman”

“Vote for Damian Murphy as Chairman, he starts speech’s with a joke which is better than the chairman being the joke”

The Boss.

The tour’s very own pastel coloured Sumo wrestler.

Damian is a great golfer and a great mate to all of us. Most of the time he is f%$$%uccckkkk#d though.

The Chuck Norris of golf admin. Secretly loves Chip Robertson!

Best guy to play matchplay against! Jirrrrr, maar hierdir ou kan goeie gholf speel! Patty Pan O Hoolihan.

I would never say anything nasty about the guy who receives this form.

Sucker for punishment! Taken SOS to the next level.

His golfing trousers were personally selected by non-other than Stevie Wonder.

2014 should be a good year for the Irishman, unless the shank returns.

The chairman who is growing SOS exponentially deserves and is definitely capable of winning the 2014 season.

Admin extraordinaire, and probably our chairman forever. That’s why he gets all the pies.

2014 Chairman after being re-elected for doing a stellar job in 2013. Chilled on the course, helps you to keep a cool head. Always keen for a round. Great golfer who unfortunately missed out on top spot by 1 point in 2013. Expect him to come back with guns blazing!

Now playing great golf, 2014 is the year for PattyPan to Win.