Marcel Du Plessis


Marcel Du Plessis




Marcunt, Marpoes, Marsehole

Handicap Index (August 2019)


Home Club

The Home Of Golf – Parkview

Favourite Course played on SOS


Favourite Course played Anywhere


Bucket List Golf Course (yet to play)

Augusta, Pinnacle Point, Fancourt, Leopard Creek


Calaway XR


3w Calaway XR



Cleveland 588TT


Cleveland RTX 60


Cleveland Huntington Beach Blade

Marcel Du Plessis in Action at Benoni

Marcel Du Plessis in Action at Benoni

Preferred Ball

Srixon ZstarXV

Favourite Club in the bag

Driver & Pitching wedge

Strength in your game

Short irons

Weakness in your game


What you love about Golf

Beating Tarquin every time

What you love about SOS *

Everything. Whats not to love?

What SOS say About Marcel in 2019

Amazing person

Sex offender. Sloppy shitter. Terrible Human.

Shat on more golf courses than anyone else on tour. Any tour. Ever.

The Marcel Golf Shot: swinging both ways and just touches the hole

Wear your chastity belt around this person.

Going to shit on his pillow on tour

Not enough space to roast!!

Ugliest looking sack of shit on SOS

Once saw a video of a guy eating his own poo. It was Marcel

Not your typical accountant!

60% of his front teeth, 40% of a golf swing, 25% bowl control, 0% of sos like him

Lord Poopy pants

The only hole he is desperate to play is Andy’s

Is a national treasure – his gums are the only South African artefact visible from space

Duifie duif… Wants to birdie every hole, especially Andy’s.

How does a mother actually love a man like this yet alone gave birth to him

What the Tour says about him 2015:

“Ha ha ha, stop please, too many words for our Chairman”

“Marsehole! Current SOS™ Tour Chairman: Thank goodness his reign of terror is nearly at an end. Mastermind behind the format and that’s about all the credit he’ll be getting from me. Thanks Doos.”

“ Doos!”

“Mr. Unreliable Cheater”

“Playa Hating Cheating Chairman”

“The best wood Marcel has in his bag is his pencil!!”

“DJ Crackle has so much potential to become a scratch golfer, but sometimes his 5 year old mind gets the best of him.”

“Raging Playa Hater”

“He is possibly one of the most well mannered, caring, outgoing, loved people I have met. He will go out of his way to help anyone and always has their back. PAUSE NOT!!!! He is a c*nt, and my life is worse off for having met him.”

“What a man! Simply the best! Great guy!”

“Worst chairman ever. But he does have the most fines ever”

“Is a Cheetah”