Box Leaderboard

A box fine is awarded to a player that crosses through a tee box that is not the box they are playing on. A box fine was a very common occurrence in the first season of the SOS Golf Tour, now it earns you a half a beer.

Glendower Golf Club - SOS Golf Tour
Walking through the wrong tee box will cost you a fine


Box Leaderboard Box Fines
Andy H 4
Neil 4
Chris 4
Bernie 3
Andy V 3
Damian 3
Chip 2
Tarquin 2
Justin 2
Warwick 2
Ryan H 1
Chjad 1
Rich 1
Marcel 1
Nick 1
Dwain 0
Trevor 0
Brad C 0
Wayne 0
Mike M 0
Gareth 0
Grant 0