The 2013 Season begins

Fines Session at the keg

Fines Session at the keg

The 2013 Season begins on the SOS Golf Tour:

Following great beginnings in 2012, the SOS Golf Tour got off to a flying start after the first two rounds at the Glenvista Country Club and the Roodepoort Country Club on opposite ends of Johannesburg. The following Gallery of images was taken at the first two fines session at the Keg and Beagle in Linksfield, where most SOS Tour meetings take place.

Fines 16

Marcel Sporting an ancient putter to the amusement of Bernie

Fines 15

A Chunky Charlie and a Smirnoff for Chip Robertson

Fines 14

The 2013 Season begins with a royal fines session

Fines 13

Everybody having a good laugh at the first fines meeting of 2012

Fines 12

The after effects of a successful fines meeting

Fines 11

The top 3 – Michael Moolman (3rd), Dwain Margro (1st), Ryan Bernberg (3rd)

Fines 10

Chairman seated trying to gain some order

Fines 9

Tarquin Observing the fines

Fines 8

Heavy discussions among tour members

Fines 7

Marcel Du Plessis talking shit

Fines 5

Fines are in session

Fines 3

Marcel could be that guy from Glee

Fines 6

Keg in Linksfield, host of most fines meetings

Fines 2

Chris, owner of the Keg and Beagle, enjoys a tour favourite Chnky Charlie

Fines 1

Actually he doesn’t enjoy it


Golf Fines at The Keg & Beagle in Linksfield

Golf Fines at The Keg & Beagle in Linksfield

Fines 18

Top 3 Round 2 – Chip (3rd), Andrew Hart (1st) and Damian Murphy (2nd)