Current Players (A – K)

Formed in 2012, the Sultans of Swing Golf Tour (SOS Golf Tour) is an amateur golfing competition hosted once a month at various golf courses across Gauteng. The SOS Golf Tour started off with just 12 regular tour players and has now doubled in size with 22 full time players, and with several keen and kind individuals willing to play a game when a spot opens up. The tour players of the Sultans of Swing Golf Tour are from varying handicaps and range from as low as a 5, to as high as a 27. A 27 handicap is the highest handicap the tour players may have as the monthly competition is decided on a Stableford format.

Following each round of the SOS Golf Tour, there is a golf fines meeting where the players are rewarded and awarded a number of fines for activities or mishaps they achieved on the course during a round. Under this section you will get to meet all the tour players on the SOS Golf Tour. You will find out what is in their bag, what the tour players think about them, what they love about golf and so much more.

Good Golfing and enjoy meeting the SOS Golf Tour Players…