The Golf (On Tour)

Team Natural Hazards – Loser’s of the Year End Tour Finals at Zebula
“I’m not so keen after last nights drinking”
Beautiful and fast putting green at Zebula Golf Course
The Year End Tour’s real surprise and funny guy, Brad Carter
The Tour’s own “Jimmy Abbott”
Chad ‘I love Golf and drinking’ Campbell
Practice on these lightning greens makes perfect, we hope?
On The Range, Zebula was in perfect condition
Bernie was in fine form on the Year End Tour
Perfect form and plenty of practice
Admiring or analyzing?
Why Can’t I seem to break 80?
Drive for show?
Bored of looking at Ryan Bernberg swing already.
Could it be yet another picture of Ryan Bernberg?
Marcel Du Plessis trying to get it right!
Tour Hotshot, Gareth Greensill
Tour Cumshot Chip Robertson
Strike us a pose there Isaacs
I got faaaaaaaaaked last night!
The Natural Hazards
Drawshank Redemption
Tour Finals winners – Warwick, Gareth, Chip (c), Grant, Nick, Damian
The Guys who made the weekend ROCKING!
SOS Golf Tour at Zebula
How come Ryan is the Chocolate Fireman? Bad putting at Glendower
Grant Moolman on the other side of the Camera
Fourball number 1 – Drawshank win out in the comp, although were outplayed in the golf
Drawshank dominate in a 7 & 5 win
Brad Carter and Mike Moolman keep hopes alive with a good win for Natural Hazards
Where Chip likes to be – wedged between a princess and a fireman
This for double bogey
Damian whacking a monster, and driving the ball
And Tarquin played this ball out and still made a point!
Yes that is Tarquin’s ball 12m past the longest drive (314m uphill)
The sun eventually came out on the Elements Private Golf Reserve
The stunning Elements Private Golf Reserve

© all images are the property of the Sultans of Swing Golf Tour South Africa

These images were taken of the golf on tour at Zebula and Elements in Limpopo