Back to the Future Leaderboard

A Back to the future fine is a fine where you play a shot and the ball returns to you with interest. It is easiest achieved by smacking a tree, but has been know to occur on very fast and sloping greens.

back to the future leaderboard
Back to the Future fine occurs when a tree is struck by a golf ball with real venom


Player Back to the Futures
 Chad                                     5
 Neil                                     4
 Chip                                     4
 Ryan H                                     3
 Gareth                                     3
 Tarquin                                     3
 Chris                                     2
 Bernie                                     2
 Marcel                                     2
 Jason                                     2
  Dwain                                     1
 Andy H                                     1
 Jenny                                     1
 Rich                                     1
 Nick                                     1
 Grant                                     1
 Andy V                                     1
 Damian                                     1
 Ian                                     1
 Trevor                                     1
 Mills                                    –
 Mike M                                    –
 Waza                                    –
 Richard Lay                                    –
 Denzil                                    –
 Wayne                                    –