Chris Williams

Jenny Chris Williams

Chris Williams - Keg Owner, Tour Sponsor, Jenny
Keg Owner, Tour Sponsor, Jenny


Chris Williams




Handicap Index (August 2019)


Home Club

Huddle Park

Favourite Course played on SOS


Favourite Course played Anywhere

Gary Player

Bucket List Golf Course (yet to play)

St Francis Links


Srixon 565


Srixon i65 3 & 5 woods




Srixon i350





Jenny Chris Williams in action on the greens
Jenny Chris Williams in action on the greens

Preferred Ball

Tailormade or Mizuno

Favourite Club in the bag

6 iron

Strength in your game

I go to all the fines meetings

Weakness in your game

Absolutely none at all

What you love about Golf

That 1 shot per round that makes me play again and not chuck the clubs away

What you love about SOS *

Amazing bunch of lads that are can flick a cloth on my belly with incredible accuracy

Jenny Chris Williams
Jenny Chris Williams

What SOS has to say about Jenny:


Classic Panty Raider! Damn autocorrect! *Pantry Raider

Who is this? Jenny? Stick to radio mate…

Really misses Chad

Your uncle in the alcohol business

The only golfer whose belly is wider than his slice!

The only entrepreneur to eat all his profits

A man of contradiction. The only man to play golf 3 times a week and gradually get worse at it.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 – that’s how you count – not one, two skip a few!

Host at the Home of SOS. Loves giving you free stuff, especially if it’s Amarula in beer.

The Jenny Golf Shot: when it’s so fat you just don’t count it

Chris is so ginger, shoe shops are not willing to sell him shoes

Who the fuck is Chris Williams – although we do love the fat ginger glazed carrot called Jenny

Future my 600lb life participant, but if you could cook like that you would be too.

Don’t make bar

just class – world class fader

His so fat, I tried swerving out of the way when he crossed the road but ran out of petrol

Everybody’s friend! He owns a pub ffs!
What the Tour has to say about Jenny:

The SOS would not be the same without this man and his ability to provide us with a home!

Hating a 100000000000% return on investment from the first free sushi platter he dished out at an SOS fines meeting.

Better man, becoming a better golfer, best publican in the WORLD.

Box! Box! Box! Box! Box! Box! Box! – Jenny Chris Williams is an SOS hero.