Gareth Greensill

Gareth Greensill:

Gareth Greensill
Gareth Greensill

Name                                                                                                           Gareth

Birthday                                                                                                       07/06/1983

Nicknames                                                                                                 Hulk, Gaza, C-Pisskit

Official Handicap                                                                                      11

Home Course                                                                                            N/A

Favourite Course on SOS Golf Tour                                                  Elements

Favourite Course on TV                                                                        Doral “Blue Monster”

Favourite Course anywhere you’ve played                                  Prince’s Grant

Gareth Greensill in Action at Benoni
Gareth Greensill in Action at Benoni

Driver                                                                                                           Cleveland Classic XL

Woods/Hybrids                                                                                        Taylormade Burner Superfast

Irons                                                                                                             Cobra Amp Cell 4-PW, Cleveland GW, SW and LW

Putter                                                                                                           Taylormade “Daddy Long Legs”

Favourite Club                                                                                          Lob Wedge

Strength in your game                                                                           Short Irons and pitching

Weakness in your game                                                                       Getting off the teebox


Gareth Greensill is the Hulk
Gareth Greensill is the Hulk

Best finish on Tour                                                                                  2012 winner

What you love about golf                                                                     Even a shit days golf is better than a good day at the office.




What the Tour said about him in 2013:

“Excellent all round golfer, makes it look all too easy. Oh, and he shaves his calves.”

“Another of the silent assassins, yet “Isaacs” as he is affectionately known is substantially less peaceful after a few lagers have toured his system. Sharp wit, and a sharper golf game make him both a fan and player’s favourite on The SOS™ Golf Tour. If he is unlucky not to win it this year, he’ll just have to wait his turn safe in the knowledge that he is a shoe-in for Player’s Player of the Year”

“ The guy with the green shorts”

“The pro amongst the paupers. The silent assassin”

“swings easier than Ernie”

“Plays a sound game of golf.”

“A machine golfer (makes the game look ridiculously easy). Can’t play a round of golf without farting on the tee box, whether it be on his back swing or others. And can’t go a round without pissing on the course either.”

“The Green shorts that makes him play well, hence the green in his surname”

“The tour’s own iron man….. And the biggest ringer of all!”

“the easiest swing this side of Earnie (Ernie cos I can’t spell)”

“Puts in no effort yet he wins”