The Rules of Golf

The Rules of Golf:

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Sultans of Swing Golf Tour Logo

Golf is a wonderful sport that enables boys and girls, young and old a chance to spend time in the great outdoors. What golf teaches people is a respect for a game that is governed by ancient principles and rules, and they are able to take those lessons into real life. You learn how to be disciplined and patient, you learn how to carry yourself with a certain amount of etiquette and you learn that honesty with yourself is as important as honesty with others.

In this page we continue with the about SOS pages and we explore the rules of golf that govern the SOS Golf Tour, as well as highlight the rules of golf in general. The Royal and Ancient Rules of golf apply to all aspects of the game, but for disputes, the final decision lies with the chairman of the Sultans Of Swing Tour. The SOS Golf Tour is also governed by its own set of rules which are laid out in this section. This section also gives a list of the Golf Fines, Penalties and specific rules for the Sultans of Swing Golf Tour. Rules are subject to change under special circumstances and by approval of the Tour Chairman  and a majority vote of the Tour players of no less than 67%.

It is important to remember that golf is a gentlemen’s game and should be played with the conduct of gentlemen. SOS Golf Tour shirts must be worn by all members of the SOS Golf Tour with pride.