Andrew Robertson

Andrew Robertson (Chip)

Andrew Robertson - Chip
Andrew Robertson – Chip


18 March.


Chip, Po*s, Bangles, Dale.



Twitter Profile:

Chip Robertson

Home Course:

Observatory Golf Club.

Favourite Course on Tour:

Country Club Johannesburg – Rocklands Course.

Favourite Course on TV:

The Old Course at St Andrew’s; Augusta National; TPC Sawgrass; Pebble Beach.

Favourite Course Played Anywhere:

Rondebosch (Cape Town) and Selborne (Kwa-Zulu Natal).


Wilson Staff Dd6+ 10.5° on UST V2 Regular Flex Shaft.

Andrew "Chip" Robertson came for golf, yet prepped for Pilates
Andrew “Chip” Robertson came for golf, yet prepped for Pilates.


FW: Lynx Black Cat Tour 15° on W928 Tour Regular Flex Shaft.

Hybrid: Ben Hogan Edge CFT 21° on Regular Flex Shaft.


Mizuno MX-19 Hemi Cog on MX-LITE Steel Shaft (4-PW).


56° Callaway X Series bent to 55° on True Temper Steel Shaft.

60° Callaway X Tour on True Temper Steel Shaft.


Lynx Prowler LP8.

Favoured Balls:

Srixon Z-Star Pure White.

Favourite Club:

Putter and 60° Wedge.

Strength in His Game:

Short Game.

Weakness In His Game:

His ‘Friends’ and the Tee-Box.(can’t make it to the tee box on time)

Chip Robertson in action at Benoni Lake
Chip Robertson in action at Benoni Lake.

What he loves about Golf:

“Everything except for those obese, burger fed Yank’s “GET IN THE HOOOOOLE!” style one-liners”

What the Tour has to say about Andrew Robertson in 2013:

 “It is your responsibility to keep up with the fourball in front of you”

“Recommendation for Chip – Ritalin and a digital watch (along with lessons on how to tell time)!”

“Slowest player, slowest talker and the biggest baby”

“Guys! Seriously guys! No come on guys seriously, I don’t play slowly!”


“The slowest player on tour with the biggest vagina”

“Has a slow and relaxed approach to his shots…as well as everything else in life!”

“Says “no” far too much. Extremely slow, but extremely good at whining”

“Chip the late moaner”

“Slowest player on tour. Any tour. Ever. “

“Slow and slow”

What the Tour had to say about Andrew Robertson in 2014:

Can’t wait for the SOS articles, due 2025.
I think the move Jack was based on his life.
No comment.
The most annoying human being ever. Chip is proof that the devil exists and hates us. Hell, in my opinion, is an eternity with Chip.
I can’t decide if I hate him, or if I hate him a lot… Still hasn’t finished his fines from 2012 or 2013.
Slower than an elephant running through peanut butter.
Inventor of the Tour Mielie. Loving it!
Is like a set of drums. Makes a horrendous racket, but a lot of fun. Doesn’t get banged as often as a set of drums though.
Sorry I didn’t write for chip, to be honest I’ve got nothing to say.
Slowest golfer on SOS and most probably the planet.
No words to describe this one.
What can actually be said that has not been said already.
Be on time for once in your life J*sus f*ck.