Fellowship Leaderboard

The Fellowship Leaderboard:

Becoming a part of the fellowship of the rings simply means you are fine a quarter beer for getting four rings on the course. That is four or more holes on which you failed to get a point. Being Lord of the rings is reserved for the player who has scored the most rings in a round. Neil Beaumont holds that record with 12 rings in a single round.

Fines Session at the Keg in Linksfiled
The Gandalf hat is worn by the Lord of the rings as its fellowship leader
Chris Williams 149
Ryan Hendry 149
Andrew Robertson 141
Tarquin Clark 122
Brett Rogers 120
Chris Caalsen 117
Marcel Du Plessis 112
Louwrens Badenhorst 99
Jason Stuart 91
Nick Rebello 91
Ryan Bernberg 90
Neil Beaumont 81
Dale van der Merwe 78
Grant Moolman 74
Andrew Hart 71
Chad Campbell 68
Greg Kilfoil 68
Damian Murphy 66
Dwain Margro 63
Gareth Greensill 62
Marvin Mohan 51
David Martin 43
Kevin van den Hurk 42
Sean Mills 40
Andrew Richards 37
Richard Gaugeler 36
Ian Maitland Stuart 33
Ross Burl 31
Bjorn Hahmann 26
Denzil Jooste 26
Greg Schleup 26
Wayne Rodrigues 22
Mike Moolman 18
Giulio Nolli 17
Leeroy Morrison 17
Richard Lay 16
Kyle Van AS 13
Trevor Rebello 13
Wayne Aitken 12
Andrew Volker 11
Gary Rodrigues 10
Matt McNulty 8
Warick Keet 7
Darren Ho 5
Myles Waldeck 5
Brad Carter 3
Justin Stoop 2