Andrew Richards


Andrew Richards


18 July 1980


George, Georgeous, Queef Richards

Handicap Index (August 2019)


Home Club

Johannesburg Country Club

Favourite Course played on SOS

Cotswold Downs

Favourite Course played Anywhere

Highland Gate

Bucket List Golf Course (yet to play)

Steyn City


Taylor Made Burner




Cobra AMP Cell 3


Taylor Made RAC Irons


Cleveland 60 and 52


Odyssey White Hot

Preferred Ball


Favourite Club in the bag

Pitching Wedge

Strength in your game


Weakness in your game

Long Irons

What you love about Golf

Being outdoors and jolling with mates

What you love about SOS *

Playing golf on different courses with awesome okes followed by fines – too lekker

What SOS says about Andrew

Andrew Richards

Who is this?

He dont eat meat but he sure likes a bong!

Eats my food’s food. The poor man longs for meat in his mouth.

Puff daddy songs comes to mind

Weed boy

Last time he ate meat, the guy came.

Sometimes a rose thorn in your side, at others he’s inside a Rose

Georgie porgie pudding and pie, kissed the girls and made them cry. He’s a vegan, but he eats meat – man meat

Makes more bats than Gunn and Moore

The George Golf Shot: A lower stinger on the 16th

Physical evidence that veganism does not automatically equate to rock hard abs.

Peace to all animals, and the pipe

Vegan, what more can one say?!

Is proof that Veganism has absolutely no healthy effects on weight, skin or hair

Who the f*ck is Andrew Richards?The George Golf Shot: High, High, High as fuck