Le Touessrok Golf Course

Le Touessrok Golf Course

Par: 72

Le Touessrok Golf Course
Le Touessrok Golf Course – 12th Hole


Mens: 5721m (6257 yards)

Pro: 7047m (7707 yards)

The Le Touessrok Golf Course is an extremely narrow and tight test of golf. Bernhard Langer designed this 18 hole championship course and it is regarded in some circles as one of the best courses in the world. We found the layout to be tough as most of the holes are short and extremely tight off the tee. The greens are very small, often elevated and positioned on a pinnacle, making keeping approaches on the putting surface harder than you would like. The Le Touessrok Golf Course has many holes which require hitting into the unknown. There are several blind tee shots, hidden fairways and doglegs, yet the course when we played had no distance guide mapping out what a golfer playing the first time, might expect.

That being said though, there are very few courses we have ever played that have the same allure that the Le Touessrok Golf Course has and it is a 5 star golfing experience. Langer designed the course to best use the natural surroundings, providing an incredible test of golf. Overall the course is very difficult, but not unrewarding. The high vegetation protects you from the prevailing winds that sweep off the sea and the hotel and halfway house are better than any we have experienced anywhere in the world. Golf for residents of Anahita and Le Touessrok is free of charge, meaning if you stay at this world class resort, you will eventually master what is needed to break this course and you could most certainly set a personal best around this track.

Le Touessrok Golf Course
Le Touessrok Golf Course 11th Fairway, guarded by trees left and bunker right

Featured Holes:

Front 9:

3rd Hole

This short par 3 is a stern test of nerves and club choice, rather than a tough hole. At only 127m off the men’s tees, the third does not require incredible touch. The large green (in relation to others on the course) provides ample landing area for stray tee shots, but because it is almost entirely surrounded by water, except for a large bunker short of the green, it is a nerve racking approach. The green is long, but somewhat narrow and because the tee box is also surrounded by water, it constantly plays on your mind. You would be expected to make par on this short hole, but this is one of those holes where everything could go wrong and you could post a big number if you let your mind get the better of you. It is a medium difficulty hole and ranks as the 12th hardest.

Back 9:

Le Touessrok Golf Course
Le Touessrok Golf Course 11th tee to a tight narrow landing area

11th Hole

The 11th hole is a very challenging par 5. Standing on the tee box looking out at the 11th hole, you can’t help but be distracted by where you are. Beyond the tree-line that guards the left of the fairway sits a white beach and baby blue sea. The hole doglegs sharply to the right and as I found out, driver is not the best club to use off the box. The landing area is right in front of you, and if you are able to shape the ball left to right, you have a blind shot off the tee to an unknown area. Because of the sharp dogleg, the hole is short, yet still requires two big shots to make the green in two. The blind landing area is narrow and flanked by unforgiving flora to the left and a really long bunker on the right.

Le Touessrok Golf Course
Le Touessrok Golf Course 11th green

Your approach to the green is ever so slightly uphill and the green itself is small and sits on a pinnacle, which means it is not inviting to the long iron approaches. Standing on the green looking back at the 11th and looking around you, there is a lot of beauty to take in. The degree of difficulty on this hole is medium to high, but it doesn’t matter what you score the first time you play the 11th, you will enjoy the experience. Second time around it would be expected that you make a par as birdie is an extremely good score on this the stroke 9.