Trevor Rebello

Trevor Rebello "Stutter Putter"
Trevor Rebello “Stutter Putter”







Tour Handicap:


Home Course:


Favourite Course on Tour:

Royal Johannesburg

Favourite Course on TV:

Augusta National

Favourite Course Played Anywhere:



Ping K15


Mizuno JPX800 HD (4-PW)


Cleveland 588 Black Pearl – 52°, 56° and 60°


Odyssey White Ice No. 7

Favoured Balls: 

Pinnacle Dimension

Favourite Club:

9 iron

Strength in His Game:

Bunker shots

Trevor Rebello is the Tour's talented Muso is also a great guy to play golf with
Trevor Rebello is the Tour’s talented Muso is also a great guy to play golf with

Weakness In His Game:

Everything else!

What he loves about Golf:

“Drinking beer with my buddies, mocking Chip and fining Marsehole!”

What the Tour says about him:

“Trevor “Stutter Putter” Rebello, fine for using a caddie!”

“Self-obsessed Pygmy with a great knack for green play and a killer musician to boot. Many an instrument, many a female; all played by Trevor. Google him – he does.”

“Best putter on tour…. Pause….. NAAAAAAATTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“The Bullshitting hobbit, should wear a fireman suit, not a fireman hat”

 ““Best putter on tour” – T Rebello (Houghton Tour Round)”

“Crowded elevators smell different to midgets”

“If Trev’s golf clubs had 6 strings or a mirror on them, I think he’d take it a lot more serious and better his game further.”

“Rock Band Golf Player”

“Robert Rock lookalike…. Midget version”

“When Trev opens his mouth, whether it is for talking crap or singing, it is sweet music to my ears. One of God’s finest creations. “Living it up, not giving a f*ck!””

“Takes longer over the ball than Andrew. OCD!”

“Probably the worst putter I have ever seen”