Richard Gaugeler

Richard Gaugeler

Richard Gaugeler - SOS Golf Tour
Richard Gaugeler


8 April 1983





Tour Handicap:


Home Course:

Royal Johannesburg & Kensington Golf Club

Favourite Course on Tour:

Germiston Golf Club (Gauteng)

Favourite Course on TV: 

Gary Player Country Club (North West Province)

Favourite Course Played Anywhere: 

San Lameer (Kwa-Zulu Natal)


Nike 5900 Sasquatch 8.5o Sumo2 (“Sassy”)


3W – Nike Sasquatch 15o Sumo2 (“Little Sassy”)

Hybrid – TaylorMade Burner 2.0 18o (“Problem Child”)


Callaway Steel Head X14 Irons (5-PW)


52o Golden Bear (“The Bear”), 56° Cleveland Golf (“The Korean”), 60o Fearless Golf (“Lobby”)



Favoured Balls:

Srixon AD333 (or Srixon Range Balls)

Favourite Club:

Sandwich (Sand Wedge)

Strength in His Game: 

Long Irons

Richard Gaugeler ready to bomb one off the 10th at Benoni
Richard Gaugeler ready to bomb one off the 10th at Benoni

Weakness In His Game:

Lifting head during a shot

What he loves about Golf:

“That one perfect shot that brings you back for more and more”

What the Tour says about him:

““Gunship”. “Tank”. “Dick” even. He has been called many things, a “subtle presence on course” is not one of them. A crisp iron from the steel that is the extension of his tungsten biceps can be heard across the field; as too can his retelling of that round’s events at fines. Top notch Boytjie who, like yours truly, lusts to take down one of the Tour’s big guns.”

“You got his name wrong, it is “Dick Gargler””

“His name says it all, Dick Gargler…”

“Yeah buddy, I’m taking a mulligan!”

“There are no such things as mulligans in REAL golf”

“The most unusual stile to his shots, but he is confident and it works for him, kind of like Jim Furyk.”

“The man with a 20 handicap nearly hitting a hole in one at CCJ”

“For he’s a jolly good fellow….. Except when he’s a c*nt”

“The only guy on tour who can’t scratch his own back”

“Possibly the most polite man I have ever met. A true squire… really enjoy his company and always a good laugh.”

“Let’s just cut his handicap to 15”