2021 Leaderboard

2021 SOS Leaderboard

New to 2021: Nipcoin:

Ñ¢ – Nipcoin replaces the dollar scoring system in 2021. Nipcoin (Ñ¢) is the official crypto-currency of the SOS Golf Tour.

Nipcoin Ѣ

How SOS is Scored:

Our leaderboard is loosely based on a format similar to the FedEx Cup. The system since implementation in 2016 rewards consistency, appearances and will now be scored in Nipcoins. Unlike the 2012 – 2015 seasons, if you miss a round you get zero. For all subsequent SOS seasons you are allowed 1 missed round and your final score is determined by your best 11 scores through a 12 round SOS season.

Bonus Points

‘Earnings’ on SOS are loaded for Majors and special events. There are bonus Nipcoins on offer for longest drive and closest to the pin (Ñ¢25,000 each). Should you win both in the same round, your ‘bonus’ is doubled.

There are other ways to earn bonus Nipcoins through various competitions and events during the year which add to your earnings on the SOS leaderboard.

There are no count-outs on SOS, except for 1st. Otherwise the points are shared.

Jamie Kerr  2,034,875
Gary Rodrigues  1,794,271
Marcel Du Plessis  1,752,876
Ryan Bernberg  1,670,563
Dwain Margro  1,659,104
Wayne Rodrigues  1,521,032
Andrew Robertson  1,502,970
Matthew De Barros  1,467,188
Gavin Gehlig  1,459,583
Christopher Caalsen  1,458,188
Darren Ho  1,438,751
Jason Stuart  1,421,875
Myles Waldeck  1,378,282
Bjorn Hamman  1,337,219
Tarquin Clark  1,305,469
Christopher Williams  1,275,313
Sean Mills  1,248,750
Greg Killfoil  1,200,469
Andrew Hart  1,069,063
Greg Schleup     860,813
Ryan Hendry     857,188
John Stupart     825,323
Guilio Nolli     713,625
Grant Moolman     655,833
Louwrens Badenhorst     641,104
Kyle Boonzaaier     553,750
Denzil Jooste     477,844
Dale Van Der Merwe     450,000
Dave Martin     351,750
Ian Maitland-Stuart     270,000
Ivan Burger     250,000
Damian Murphy     180,000
Andrew Richardson     148,750