2021 Leaderboard

2021 SOS Leaderboard

New to 2021: Nipcoin:

Ñ¢ – Nipcoin replaces the dollar scoring system in 2021. Nipcoin (Ñ¢) is the official crypto-currency of the SOS Golf Tour.

Nipcoin Ѣ

How SOS is Scored:

Our leaderboard is loosely based on a format similar to the FedEx Cup. The system since implementation in 2016 rewards consistency, appearances and will now be scored in Nipcoins. Unlike the 2012 – 2015 seasons, if you miss a round you get zero. For all subsequent SOS seasons you are allowed 1 missed round and your final score is determined by your best 11 scores through a 12 round SOS season.

Bonus Points

‘Earnings’ on SOS are loaded for Majors and special events. There are bonus Nipcoins on offer for longest drive and closest to the pin (Ñ¢25,000 each). Should you win both in the same round, your ‘bonus’ is doubled.

There are other ways to earn bonus Nipcoins through various competitions and events during the year which add to your earnings on the SOS leaderboard.

There are no count-outs on SOS, except for 1st. Otherwise the points are shared.

PositionNameSurnameNipcoins (Ñ¢)
1JamieJohnsonѢ 1328625
2Marceldu PlessisѢ 1089813
3ChrisCaalsenѢ 1043813
4Matthewde BarrosѢ 1024688
5GaryRodriguesѢ 981563
6AndrewRobertsonѢ 952657
7DwainMargroѢ 929104
8RyanBernbergѢ 924688
9ChrisWilliamsѢ 914375
10MylesWaldeckѢ 885157
11WayneRodrigues Ñ¢ 879157
12SeanMillsѢ 861250
13BjornHahmannѢ 843469
14DarrenHoѢ 807188
15TarquinClarkѢ 799219
16GavinGehligѢ 771875
17AndrewHartѢ 680000
18RyanHendryѢ 671250
19LouwrensBadenhorstѢ 641104
20GregSchluepѢ 613313
21JasonStuartѢ 604375
22JohnStupartѢ 512823
23GiullioNolliѢ 510500
24DenzilJoosteѢ 477844
25Dalevan der MerweѢ 450000
26GregKilfoilѢ 421094
27GrantMoolmanѢ 408750
28KyleBoonzaierѢ 373750
29DaveMartinѢ 351750
30IanMaitland StuartѢ 270000
31DamianMurphyѢ 180000
32AndrewRichardsѢ 148750