Pinnacle Point Golf Estate

The Garden Route’s Roughest Diamond

The Garden Route in South Africa is a stretch of wilderness along the Southern Cape Coast that offers tourists other-worldly experiences, unlike anything else, anywhere in the world. Whether you’re into hiking, wildlife, surfing, whale watching or golf, the Southern Cape and the Garden Route is a mecca worth visiting.

Along with other golfing gems like Pezula, Simola and Oubaai, the roughest diamond of the lot, yet the one that offers the most memorable experience of them all is Pinnacle Point. This incredible course is built in and among the cliffs a few kilometres down the drag from Mossel Bay. The sheer drama that greets you on just about every tee is what makes Pinnacle Point so incredible.

Pinnacle Point Golf Estate

Besides the first, second, tenth and 11th, every tee shot is an incredible adventure. If you play in the wind, it can be a terrifying adventure, but an adventure nonetheless. The course is beautiful and dramatic and is very much designed to inspire you and shock you. This is not a course for the feint hearted and isn’t something we’d recommend to the novice or beginner. However, if you love the game of golf and are looking to put a tick in the bucket list, then Pinnacle Point is the course for you.

Featured Holes

Front 9:

Hole 8

Described as a risk and reward hole, the 8th is a dramatic, drivable par 4 that stretches 315m across an intimidating gorge. The safe play would be to take a medium iron out to the fairway left of the tee box, giving yourself a short approach in. However, if the wind is helping, you could carry the gorge with something as little as a 3 hybrid. If the wind is pumping into you, then strap yourself in because this hole is no longer risk and reward, its hope and pray.

Back 9:

Hole 12

It was tough to choose between the par 4 12th hole and the 125m par 3 13th, but a birdie on 12 and a 4 putt double on 13 sealed the fate of our feature hole for the back nine. The 12th is probably the most intimidating tee shot of the lot. Steep, downhill tee shot to a narrow fairway, with trouble on both sides. You are completely exposed and completely blown away (in both senses). The 12th is in the top 10 par 4s we’ve ever played and is one for the photo gallery.


Pinnacle Point isn’t cheap (for locals), but is very affordable for tourists. If you way up cost vs. value, Pinnacle Point is well worth the money.

During the summer months expect to pay in the region of R900 ($80), but during the low season (May-October), you can pick up a steal of a deal for around R500 ($45)

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