This is how my fiancé sees golf

By Ryan Hendry

A “special” look at the game of golf…

To me golf is simple; it represents time with mates, it gives me a chance to put everything else in my life on the back burner, it is great fun to play and it allows me to see just how awesome I am… but, my Fiancé sees golf quite differently.

I think she’s the lucky one

Firstly she thinks golf is nothing more than me chasing a ball around with a stick in my hand – obviously she has absolutely no clue what she is talking about! There is so much more to golf than chasing a ball around a course with a stick, like all the fines you can drink in while doing this. Some examples of these fines include my personal favourite the OJ Simpson (OJ) which is getting away with a bad shot, or the Hitler, which is two shots in the bunker. But at least she knows what a Chunky Charlie is, so I will give her some credit for taking an interest in my life. If I am being 100% honest about my fiancé though, she always thought a golf course had 19 holes and had/has no clue what the 19th actually is – the best hole on the course.

My favourite way to dress for golf

My fiancé loves the fact that I have such sexy tans lines because of the sport. I now get to wear a shirt, shorts and socks 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – even in the shower, thanks to the beautiful sunshine I bask in during a round of golf.
She loves the fact that the only clubbing I now do is on a course and all I can talk about with my mates is a shot by shot recap of my last round. I somehow remember every step I took, every shot I made and every putt I missed with such detail, yet I cannot remember her birthday or our anniversary… This makes her truly happy she is marrying me next year… I think?? She always asks why our holiday destinations are always so close to a golf course and why I constantly go away on a boys drinking weekend, where we play golf instead of a golfing weekend where we drink.

To her credit however, there are a few of things she does know about golf; like she knows what the Masters is and understands that there are 4 majors. She knows my dream is to play Augusta, Leopard Creek, Pebble Beach and the one and only St Andrews and that I am prepared to pay a Crème Soda for a tee time. She knows that I am a ball hunter and I would do anything for a freebie, which is why the perfect gift for me is a ball retriever or more balls, tees and a glove. So I must give her credit where credit is due, she did say yes to marrying me, without reading the fine print concerning our relationship and how much golf is involved. She still has much to learn when it comes to me and golf, but I am very impressed with how far she has come so far… I mean we are getting married on a golf course after all.

In conclusion my Fiancé knows she has the upper hand with me and golf, because the only hole in one I will ever get is hers, and in the long run that 20th hole is more important than the 19th

PS. I love you Golf

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