Golf Development Life Cycle

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Golf Development Life Cycle

By Brett Rogers

The golf development life cycle (GDLC) is a model that is used in golf which best describes the stages that are involved before, during and after the game.

My name is “Nice Dick”, and this is an SOS golf story… on a dark and stormy night.

One can typically approach golf from an initial planning phase, how are we going to implement a group of 24 highly golf befok’d ouens onto a golf course and maintain a high gentleman conduct whilst play is on the go slow. “What bollocks is this”? Two options one can use – waterfall and agile approaches are the industry norms. This all depends on the team and championship to be played.

Let’s take a look at the different phases and the role of the chairman during each phase.

Initiation and planning: the scope and the out of bounds of the golf course is identified, as well as developing a strategy for fines, closest to the pin and longest drive. The chairman has to define the team’s goals and objectives to drink or not to drink during, after then maybe for some and after again when arriving home and the wife has left a blanket on the couch and a note to say food is in the microwave. Choosing four balls is hard and key stake golfers is needed to write down scores and keep track of fines. The cap always and must conduct a feasibility study if the booze is cheaper at the course or at our local and truly loved Keg and Beagle, thank goodness for places that actually allow gentlemen like the SOS crew to hold meetings there. NB “always draft a Golf Case”.

Golf Development Life Cycle

Analysis and design:

Requirements idrinktified in the planning stage was or is or actually might never be done, so many words. “Wife please get me a brandy special” are drunkumented in the requirements specification. This is for the solution to be designed and developed for the SOS round. The chair checks the quality of the course the week before anyone and is the only person to allow to play a round before a SOS round. A contextual map of the course is laid out on paper and never shared with the rest of the team.

Development: is done in highly German designed quality controlled audited lucky draw. 6 squares is drawn on any highly white ISDRINK 9001 SAB certified paper. Players are then encrypted on small pieces of scraps, the size of a normal MS excel cell. An AGM is help and vote is cast by each member to pick one scrap at a time. Once all scraps have left the table a round of drinks followed and the vote tallied up. Communication is key to the drink public of SOS.


The new solution to the round is indrunkted to the team and consumers. The chair provides guidance and holes to which additional points can be scored. Half of us wonder if our hard earned golf balls is going into a second hand resale system for which a kick back is given to those part of the SinDicAte.

A feature that future SOS golfers have to have is to enable shocking play, many fines and courses that challenge any man women caddie and cart any day of the maybe one day we have in the year to play.

A Function maybe this is more for executable non fading drive that is controlled like a F12 function on US keyboard and non-Irish.

A Fact is no doubt that if you having a bad implementation is to step back get some oxygen back in those smoking black lungs and bloated liver. To crack on and try and get 13 points on your back KPI.

A quality score card is anything above 27 points and if you are near the 21 point mark call your mom because the wife is going to eat you spit you out and then give you the grey homeless street rat blanket that the dog sleeps on.

Golf Development Life Cycle

One has to consider transmission methods once on the course, a mobile device is prohibited unless your wife gave you the blanket before. Guidance like a blinds man’s dog through a box is normally followed by a deaf person shouting box. Sometimes human errors creep in and like a time machine a back to the future is neither here but actually there. A nod of the fore head and fingers on the cap eyes gleaming with joy and the smile means that a chance of golf project success is close by. Two areas mostly conversed is that of verbal and non-verbal communication. Verbal examples are like hating the day and pen to paper in the form of a projectfinemothertrucker manager. Non-verbal examples are done via hands shakes of alliance between partners, body language of frustration or joy, facial expression when losing your ProV balls and symbols that I cannot use on the page as some of the language needs parental guidance.

Use cases can be best described:

“As a golfer I would like to open my mouth consume liquid and then close”

“I, as a golfer need to be able to swing in a fluid motion that allows me to not skank, shank nor freshi”

“As a golfer I have to access to the nearest tree to kak, pee or kots when on the course”

“Me, as a golfer make gLove to my follow man with a fist pomp”

Skill sets required for the position is to be an ornithologist as birds are abundant. Eagles, albatrosses and birdies from small and far have unique calls which are mimic’d with a hand signals showing the breeding nest by a small white hole surrounded by green bent grass that cannot be smoked no matter how bad your day was on the project.

System Architecture is a basic requirement before the elicit dealings take under the swing. Primary keys are used to drive your own car home and foreign keys cum in the form of back seat drive home and if the asset driven needs a valet the next day due to the vegetable specials on at the local porra hole then one has to factor contingency plans.

Golf Development Life Cycle

I hope the above has helped you understand the GDLC, until same place same time this is Nice Dick signing out.