In honour of the Currie Cup final being played on the same day, players have been drawn, at random, into team Western Province and team Sharks.

Western Province



Kyle van As

Nick Rebello

Andrew Robertson

Greg Kilfoil


Hudson Raath

Jamie Cooper

George Aldrich

Marvin Mohan


Clive Ho

Suvan Singh

Marcel du Plessis

Tarquin Clark


Damian Murphy

Grant Moolman

Daniel Odendaal

Warwick Brown


Ryan Bernberg

Jason Stuart

Paulo Rodrigues

Andrew Richards


Trevor Rebello

Player 1

Player 3

Player 2


Grant Wade

Gareth Greensill

Chad Campbell

Richard Gaugeler


Andrew Robertson


 Tarquin Clark



Ok, so now that the battle lines have been drawn, let me explain the rules.

Gaugeler Cup Rules

  1. The competition is a Modified Stableford. Each player will record their own score and play for points according to the scoring system, based on their handicaps.
  2. The Player at the end of 18 holes with the most points will win the Gaugeler Cup.


Team Rules

  1. The teams are competing in a Match Play tournament.
  2. The first nine holes will be played as doubles, teammates in each fourball will play against the opposing teammates.
  3. The second nine holes will be played as singles. Player versus player from each team in the fourball, closest matched handicaps to play each other.
  4. Each fourball is worth 3 points.
  5. The first nine holes has 6 points on offer and the second nine holes has 12 points on offer.
  6. Total points equal 18.
  7. The team with more points will win.
  8. Each player must play in a shirt colour matching their team colours.


The Captains are responsible for their teams in all aspects. Furthermore they are responsible to mobilise, organise and motivate their players. A losing team may very well be able to blame their lose on weak captaincy #justsaying!

Saturday 27 October 2012 at ‘Obgusta’ (Observatory Golf Course)

This is the largest field ever for the Gaugeler Cup

Gaugeler Cup fun facts:

  1. The Gaugeler Cup is currently the only major on the S.O.S Golf Tour.
  2. Fourball number 3 is the most experienced fourball in Gaugeler Cup. The fourball boosts two past winners in Clive Ho and Marcel du Plessis, and includes a player who, on the day, will have appeared in all 5 events namely Suvan Singh.
  3. Fourball number 4 is the least experienced fourball. This fourball is the only group to not have at least player who has played in past events.
  4. Clive Ho won the inaugural Gaugeler Cup in 2008 edging out a field of 12 competitors! Unfortunately, however, the actual Gaugeler Cup was only purchased in 2009 which meant that Clive Ho has never had an opportunity to actually hold the coveted prize.
  5. 2011 was the first year in which the Match-Play tournament was introduced. The teams were South Africa versus Australia and the match ended in a tie!
  6. In 2011 Marcel du Plessis made history when he not only won the Gaugeler Cup, but also took the prizes for longest drive and closest to the pin.
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