The final round of the SOS Tour will be held at The Zebula Golf Course and The Elements Private Golf Reserve at the end of November. The Tour’s final event will be played in a Ryder Cup format, with two teams of six going head to head to prove, once and for all, which side is best, and in the end, which player is best.

Since Marcel Du Plessis ingeniously conceptualised the Tour in early January 2012, it has grown from a disorganised and chaotic golfing event, into a streamlined golfing Tour, with a disorganised and chaotic Chairman.

Much fun has been had and the best is yet to come.

Here are the two teams for the Tour Finals weekend:


Team One Team Two
Andrew Robertson © Tarquin Clark ©
Warwick Keet Trevor Rebello
Nicholas Rebello Chad Campbell
Damian Murphy Michael Moolman
Gareth Greensill Marcel Du Plessis
Grant Moolman Ryan Bernberg
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