Fellowship Leaderboard

The Fellowship Leaderboard:

Becoming a part of the fellowship of the rings simply means you are fine a quarter beer for getting four rings on the course. That is four or more holes on which you failed to get a point. Being Lord of the rings is reserved for the player who has scored the most rings in a round. Neil Beaumont holds that record with 12 rings in a single round.

Fines Session at the Keg in Linksfiled

The Gandalf hat is worn by the Lord of the rings as its fellowship leader


Player Fellowship
 Ryan H                                                                               15
 Marcel                                                                               15
 Tarquin                                                                               14
 Chip                                                                               13
 Chad                                                                               12
 Nick                                                                               12
 Neil                                                                               11
 Chris                                                                               11
 Jenny                                                                               11
 Rich                                                                               11
 Mike M                                                                                 9
 Grant                                                                                 8
 Waza                                                                                 7
 Trevor                                                                                 7
 Bernie                                                                                 5
 Gareth                                                                                 5
  Dwain                                                                                 4
 Andy V                                                                                 4
 Jason                                                                                 4
 Ian                                                                                 4
 Wayne                                                                                 4
 Damian                                                                                 3
 Andy H                                                                                 1
 Mills                                                                                –
 Richard Lay                                                                                –
 Denzil                                                                                –