2015 SOS Team Leaderboard

2015 SOS Team Leaderboard

New to SOS in 2015 is the team competition. The entire SOS field was divided into two teams. The first team has red caps and the second team has blue caps. In each round, two members per team make up a four-ball. The pair compete in a better ball stableford competition to determine which team wins a point for their side.

The team at the end of each round with the most points wins and earns a point on the below SOS Team Leaderboard.

Team Points
1 Blue Team 2.5
2 Red Team 0.5

Red:The Teams:

2015 SOS Team Leaderboard - The Read Team

The Red Team

Sean Mills
Andrew Robertson
Jason Stuart
Andrew Hart
Marcel Du Plessis
Ross Burl
Dale Van Der Merwe
Dave Martin
Chad Campbell
Andrew Richards
Chris Caalsen
Wayne Aitken
Neil Beaumont
Andrew Volker
Dave Van Der Bijl
Nick Rebello


2015 SOS Team Leaderboard - The Blue Team

The Blue Team

Denzil Jooste
Gareth Greensill
Tarquin Clark
Damian Murphy
Mike Moolman
Ryan Bernberg
Grant Moolman
Ryan Hendry
Chris Williams
Dwain Margro
Richard Lay
Greg Kilfoil
Richard Gaugeler
Ian Maitland-Stuart
Trevor Rebello
Warwick Keet