Tarquin Clark

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Tarquin Clark "Fresh Prince"

Tarquin Clark “Fresh Prince”

Name Tarquin Clark
Birthday 04 05 1981 (1881)
Nicknames Mohammed, Stavros, Shatterpoef, Fresh Prince
Official Handicap 13
Home Course Eagle Canyon
Favourite Course on SOS Golf Tour Zimbali
Favourite Course on TV St Andrews
Favourite Course anywhere you’ve played St Francis Links
Driver Cobra F6+
Woods/Hybrids Taylormade R11s


Tarquin Clark teeing it up on Sun City's Lost City Golf Course

Tarquin Clark teeing it up on Sun City’s Lost City Golf Course

Irons Taylormade Speedblade HL
Putter Taylormade Daytona CB OS
Favourite Club Vokey 60’ Wedge
Strength in your game Long Hitter
Weakness in your game Fade with my driver
Twitter Name (if applicable) @tarquinc
Superbru Profile (if applicable) CynergyMalla
Best finish on Tour 9th
What you love about golf The challenge, and not being at work/shopping…


Tarquin Clark in action off the tee with his new-ish driver

Tarquin Clark in action off the tee with his new-ish driver

What the Tour said about him (2013):

“Best fun playing a round with Tarqueen, once those drives straighten out we’re all in a bit of trouble!”

“What a biscuit. First round pick if I was choosing friends. Fails to be drafted if I’m choosing fourball company. SERIOUSLY. TQ, to his mates, is THE Tour Funny Man. Watch yourself and your wallet around this bloke, he’ll stop at nothing until he has your money and your pride.”

“Cool name – for a hippie!”

“ Super slicer, super smoker, never seen him without a fag in his mouth or near his ass”

“Tarquin’s golf motto. Swing hard in case you hit it!”

“Never seen him drive a ball without a fag in his mouth, and a really fun guy to have in your four ball.”

“Always having a smoke while driving, putting, iron shots, in the bushes. Everywhere.”

“Looks like a pedophile…… But isn’t……. Or is he?”

“ F#cken funny bastard!”

“He seems to only be in the SOS Tour to drink the beer. My only competitor at this stage. And an interesting fact, my autocorrect changed his name to Tarquinius! He is a man I can see myself getting helluva drunk with in the future”

“Considerate, plays with a yellow ball so his fellow tour members can see the ball coming for them”