Marcel Du Plessis

Marcel Du Plessis "Marsehole"

Marcel Du Plessis “Marsehole”







Tour Handicap:


Home Course:

Observatory Golf Club

Favourite Course on Tour:

Houghton Golf Club

Favourite Course on TV:

Augusta National (USA)

Favourite Course Played Anywhere:

Elements Golf Club (Limpopo)


Mizuno MP630

Marcel Du Plessis in Action at Benoni

Marcel Du Plessis in Action at Benoni


Taylormade Burner 3W


Taylormade R7-XD


Taylormade 60°


Jack Nicklaus

Favoured Balls:

Titleist PRO-V 1 or Top Flite D2

Favourite Club:

Pitching Wedge

Strength in His Game:

His irons and wedges

Weakness In His Game:

His driving off the tee

What he loves about Golf:

“Whats not to love? You’re outside, getting some exercise in beautiful surroundings and you have your mates with you. It’s a pretty good way to spend a day. And a good excuse to smash back a few beers.”

What the Tour says about him:

“Ha ha ha, stop please, too many words for our Chairman”

“Marsehole! Current SOS™ Tour Chairman: Thank goodness his reign of terror is nearly at an end. Mastermind behind the format and that’s about all the credit he’ll be getting from me. Thanks Doos.”

“ Doos!”

“Mr. Unreliable Cheater”

“Playa Hating Cheating Chairman”

“The best wood Marcel has in his bag is his pencil!!”

“DJ Crackle has so much potential to become a scratch golfer, but sometimes his 5 year old mind gets the best of him.”

“Raging Playa Hater”

“He is possibly one of the most well mannered, caring, outgoing, loved people I have met. He will go out of his way to help anyone and always has their back. PAUSE NOT!!!! He is a c*nt, and my life is worse off for having met him.”

“What a man! Simply the best! Great guy!”

“Worst chairman ever. But he does have the most fines ever”

“Is a Cheetah”