Grant Moolman

Grant Moolman "Grunt"

Grant Moolman “Grunt”


31 March 1985





Tour Handicap:


Home Course:


Favourite Course on Tour:

CCJ – Rocklands

Favourite Course on TV:

St Andrews (Scotland)

Favourite Course Played Anywhere:



Titleist 460cc 910 D3, Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana Kai’li 65 stiff shaft, weight 62

Grant Moolman powering it off the tee box at the Lost City Golf Club

Grant Moolman powering it off the tee box at the Lost City Golf Club


Titleist Z-Blend Forged Irons with Dynamic gold heavy weight steel shafts


Cleveland CG14 52° and 56° with low bounce and a Cleveland CG12 60° with mid bounce


Odyssey White Steel

Favoured Balls: 

Titleist Prov1x or Taylormade Penta

Favourite Club:

8 Iron

Strength in His Game:

Iron Play

Weakness In His Game:

Chipping Around the Green

What he loves about Golf:

“The constant challenge of trying to improve your game”

Grant Moolman in action at Benoni Lake

Grant Moolman in action at Benoni Lake

What the Tour says about him:

“If Hawaii had a golfer, it would be this guy”

“Raping angels since 1985”

“The creativity of Picasso, but with the delivery of the ANC”

“A great competitor and always willing to give helpful advice.”

“The golfing, money king of S.O.S”

“Very useful when looking for balls”

“The nice guy of tour “

“I have proven that Tokyo drifting does not only happen on a racetrack.”

“Is Powered by gas”

“Funny as sh*t. Always lekker to pot with. He has a twin brother and farts a lot.”

“Slightly better looking half of hard-to-look at developmental abomination. If his other version is unable to master his travel issues, also consider Grant a future tour winner. Genuine nice guy for a twin.”