Dwain Margro

Dwain Margro

Dwain Margro - the tour Panda

Dwain Margro

Name                                                                                                           Dwain Margro

Birthday                                                                                                       7 June 1985

Nicknames                                                                                                 Panda, Skillie

Official Handicap                                                                                      13

Home Course                                                                                            Drakensburg Gardens

Favourite Course on SOS Golf Tour                                                     Lost City

Favourite Course on TV                                                                          Augusta

Favourite Course anywhere you’ve played                                         Gary Player CC


Dwain Margro in action on the 1st hole at the Lost City Golf Course

Dwain Margro in action on the 1st hole at the Lost City Golf Course

Driver                                                                                                           Srixon

Woods/Hybrids                                                                                          Nike SQ

Irons                                                                                                             Cleveland CG Red Tour Irons

Putter                                                                                                           Cleveland Classic 2 BRZ

Favourite Club                                                                                            Hybrid

Strength in your game                                                                               Putting

Weakness in your game                                                                             Bunkers, Chipping

Dwain Margro in Action at Benoni Lake

Dwain Margro in Action at Benoni Lake

Twitter Name (if applicable)                                                               @DwainMargro

Superbru Profile (if applicable)                                                          DW007

Best finish on Tour                                                                                 6th

What you love about golf             Hanging out with lads and having a great laugh and colds ones after the game.

Dwain Margro teeing it up on the par 3 8th hole at Lost City Golf Course

Dwain Margro teeing it up on the par 3 8th hole at Lost City Golf Course



What the Tour said about Dwain Margro in 2013:

 “Dwain “The Panda” Margo, always up for a laugh”

“Joker and proper face of the future Saffa race candidate. Also a stand up bloke in need of official tour apparel. Along with Nick, a huge admirer of golf course botany.”

“Token non-white”

“The token Tiger Woods of the tour”

“Dwain Margro still owes us beers for his comp round at CCJ. “

“ Plays with a high degree of confidence and gamesmanship.”


“Tour’s token darkie, although he never acts like one. From what I’ve seen, a legend.”

“Awe Dwain, our only bra on tour, ek se!”

“Our BEE contingent, fiercely fighting to be our next chairman”

“What a legend, filled in the course co-ordinator during the current chairman’s mismanagement of the tour!”

“Apparently work is more important than golf”